In the 21st century there are several ways to relieve one’s boredom, he can choose to watch free hd porn movies, listen to music, play a game or just watch some good old TV.

What is a better way to enjoy one’s media than to play it on his home theatre system, after all, if one has the means why wouldn’t he opt for the best experience?

set up a movie roomThe basics of home theatre system

For setting up a home theatre room, there are some basic essential types of equipment. They are –

  • A good TV
  • Loudspeakers
  • Receiver
  • Source devices

So, let’s delve into these basic devices


The size of TV depends upon the size of the room and wherein the room a person sits to watch his media. If the watching distance is less than 5 foot, then a 32 inch TV would suffice and if the viewing distance is less than 10 foot a minimum of 50 inch TV would be good enough. For even greater distance the bigger the TV is the better the experience it is.

As for types of TV – If one has the means, he should go for OLED panels, as they offer rich colors and deep blacks. If choosing between a Plasma TV or OLED TV, one should prefer OLED, as they are inherently better. If one is short on budget, good old LED is the best option to go for.


Another factor necessary to set up a movie room is to invest in some good speakers. If one is short on a budget a simple two-speaker system with a subwoofer would suffice but if one has the budget, he should buy a good 5-speaker system with a heavy subwoofer.

The 5-speaker system should consist of two rear speakers, two side wall speakers, and one central speaker with a subwoofer in front.

Receivers/ Amplifiers

The basic purpose of an amplifier is to direct the audio from various AV devices to the speakers. One should choose an amp according to the number of Audio/Video devices he has, as there is no need to invest in an amp which has 5/6  source ports if one has only 2 or 3 A/V devices. No need to buy expensive movie room setup, just for the sake of it.

Audio/Video Devices

The choice of A/V devices depends upon the collection of ‘retro’ physical media the person has and the latest media technology in the market. If he has a considerably large audiocassette collection, build through years, he should go for a good second-hand cassette player.

For modern times a simple blue-ray player with a card reader would suffice as almost all of the current media today is being produced on these formats

These are some basic equipment that one would need to set up a movie room. So go ahead, pick and match requirements for a great media experience.