No one really cares if the theatre has imax or dolby, people just go an watch. But it is very important to be aware of things. Maybe if you come to know about them you start liking one of them.

People who have had experiences of both have an idea about the pros and cons of both. One can really try to have experiences of watching movies in both Imax and Dolby.

Talking about 2d and 3d cinemas, people have a different choice regarding Dolby and Imax. Some people who are aware of the technical aspects tend to do the right things in different situations.

Imax Can Be Preferred More When It Comes To 3D Movies

When talking about the difference between dolby and imax, 3D movies become a very important subject for judgement. The expansion of the aspect ratio is not there in cases where the movies are imax shot in Dolby theatres.

The 3D movies are best supported by imax. Dolby theatres show most of its movies in 2D, even when the option of 3D is available. Also, when you have a closer look at the pricing of the 3D tickets in both the cinemas, you will come to know that the Dolby theatres charge more than imax even when the 3D movies are best shown in imax theatres.

So when we talk of imax vs dolby, Imax can give the best experience to the people when it comes to the 3d movies and at a better price also.

difference between dolby and imax

Some Other Comparisons Between Dolby Cinemas And Imax Cinemas

Dolby cinemas give the best quality of picture with 4k display from the projectors. The 4K display provides the best picture quality with all the colors looking as they are whereas imax theatres use 2k display which is slightly less than the Dolby theatres.

The sound quality of both the theatres is amazing with a good surround sound coming well balanced from a large number of speakers.

The imax theatres do have an upper hand when it comes to seating more people. The theatres if imax is huge with more seating capacity. Although, there are no recliners available at imax which is a major drawback.

Studying dolby cinema vs imax has revealed many things about both the theatres, both pros and cons. Out of those pros and cons, few are general and few are technical.