For a great sound quality that is pleasing to the ears, the use of technology is essential. For a great sound of music, dialogues and various sound effects, the bitstream is a great advancement in sound technology.

Now you must be wondering what is bitstream audio? Bitstream is the transfer of sound or flow of sound in the binary form, i.e., 1s and 0s. It is a digital form of transfer of sound. Through bitstreaming, we convert raw sound into digital sound.

bitstream audio

Bitstreaming in home theatres and home sound studio

Bitstreaming can be used in personal computers, networks, and basic audio applications by converting sound into digital bits. These digital bits can travel from one device to another devices. The bitstreaming of audio is achieved by transferring it from a source to another device which is the receiver. Ears are a good example of a receiver.

In the case of a home theatre, the AV processor detects sound which is in an encoded format and acts as a receiver. The processor later decodes the sound information and turn into a meaningful sound using audio bitstreaming with a touch of post-processing for amplification of the sound and more clarity.

The sound mixer present in the home theatre detects a sound and decides what kind of format it needs to be. It then converts the audio in the same format and then the audio is forwarded for transmission or storage purposes in discs, cables and streaming and satellite services.

blu-ray and bitstream dolby

Blu-ray and bitstream Dolby

The Blu-ray format gives us both a great viewing experience and a quality sound effect. For the audio in a Blu-ray disc, a bitstream output setting is available. The disc contains a Dolby digital encoding that the player reads. This encoding is later transferred as output in the bitstream form using a connector to the Home theatre or the AV processor.

The receiver later decodes the bitstream dolby sound and transfers it into the channel assignments which is later send through amplifiers to the speakers.

A bitstream may also be transferred directly to the receiver from the source using a connection like an optical or coaxial cable. It can also be transferred wirelessly using an antenna, satellite or a home network.

Bitstream is a crucial part of the home theatre and amplifies your viewing experience by a large margin by improving the sound quality perceived by your ears. If you still have any doubt you can find out more about what is bitstream out?